Empowering the next generation of Urban Youth

About Frontline Tour

Spreading the Gospel through Civic (&) Cultural Engagement

Today, many young people believe the church is failing to address society’s most pressing issues by not taking the Gospel to the frontlines of cultural engagement and sociopolitical advocacy. In some ways, this is true. While the Gospel is always relevant, the church hasn’t always been effective at applying it to the spirit of the day. This shortcoming limits our ability to carry out the Great Commission.

The church must make sure we respond to today’s problems with social concern and action without compromising our biblical convictions. The AND Campaign was created for a time such as this. We’re committed to addressing issues from police brutality to religious liberty by emphasizing biblical values and social justice. The Frontline Disciple Tour will launch a nationwide effort to place the Gospel of Jesus Christ back into the public square.

Summary: The Frontline Disciple Tour is a nationwide revival to encourage believers to spread the Gospel through civic (&) cultural engagement. The AND Campaign is hosting events in 8 major cities to spread our biblical framework for engaging the public square.